About Us

Infinity Microfinance Bank is one of the leading operators in the Microfinance banking subsector of the financial services industry in Nigeria.

Infinity Microfinance Bank started as Infinity Community Savings in November 2001 as a local savings and loan community-based outfit which operated as a platform for mobilizing daily savings from market women, artisans and local business people using modern thrift system. The outfit later transformed to Infinity Community Bank in March, 2005 and its operations were upgraded to meet the requirements of the Central Bank of Nigeria while the data was also migrated to a functional Community Bank application.

In compliance with fresh guidelines issued by the federal Government that all Community Banks should transform to a Microfinance Bank, Infinity Community Bank became the 14th Community Bank to transform to a Microfinance Bank in Nigeria in October 2007. As at the 31st December 2018, Infinity Microfinance Bank’s functional branch network in Lagos State has grown to nineteen (19) with significant footprints in all the major commercial hubs in the city of Lagos.

Infinity Microfinance Bank focuses on Micro Small and Medium Enterprise businesses. The Bank’s services are majorly mobilization of small saving on one hand and granting of small business loans on the other hand. Infinity Microfinance Bank could be aptly described as a grassroot Bank and this is reflected in the historical development of the Bank and the positioning of most of the Bank Branches around major markets and financial hubs in Lagos State.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Bank is to be the best growth partner  to our select customers, keeping highly resourceful and motivated employees and creating highest values for our Shareholders and Communities.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Bank is to be the preferred providers of Microfinance services in Nigeria

Our Core Values

Customer Service, Integrity, Persistence & Prudence

Agusto & Co. has assigned a “Bbb” rating to Infinity Microfinance Bank Limited in their recent assessment of the Bank. According to the Pan-African Credit Rating Agency, the rating is supported by a good funding and liquidity profile, adequate capitalization, an experienced Management Team and well-established credit risk management processes. While DataPro another Credit Rating Agency (CRA) has also in its latest report assigned “BBB+” rating to Infinity MFB Limited with a Stable Outlook for the year 2023/2024.