Terms Deposit

Infinity Microfinance Bank accepts Term Deposits from Customers at an attractive interest rate that guaranteed competitive returns in the financial markets. Tenure of investments can be for minimum of 30 days to 360 days with the option of automatic rollover or subject to your instructions on maturity. Kindly contact our Treasury Desk on any of the following hotlines: 08159091603, 08159091601, 08033923304

Agusto & Co. has assigned a “Bbb” rating to Infinity Microfinance Bank Limited in their recent assessment of the Bank. According to the Pan-African Credit Rating Agency, the rating is supported by a good funding and liquidity profile, adequate capitalization, an experienced Management Team and well-established credit risk management processes. While DataPro another Credit Rating Agency (CRA) has also in its latest report assigned “BBB” rating to Infinity MFB Limited with a Stable Outlook for the year 2021/2022.