E-NOWNOW: ENowNow is our grassroot savings product running on a monthly cycle. Savers have access to the savings balance at the end of each month cycle less minimal charges.

E Go Beta+: This is a savings product that is ideal for accumulating funds for almost any future project or desired objectives like business, children education, landmark events, house acquisition and many more. Minimum period for savings is one year and collection happens at the location of business.

Daily Progress Account: This is a daily savings deposit account which also has the added benefit of access to short term loans spread over a period of up to six months. Opening balances are very minimal and collection is always at place of customers business. Daily Progress Account (DPA) is best suited for small business owners and income earners.

Infinity Diamond Account: This is a premium savings deposit account that offers our customers the opportunity to enjoy higher loans at reduced interest rates and longer repayment periods of up to 6 months.