DPA Loan: DPA Loan is a loan product for small business owners, grass-root entrepreneurs and artisans. This loan type also presents special opportunities for traders to grow their businesses with Infinity Microfinance Bank with easy loan procedure and quick turnaround time.

IDA Loan: IDA Loan is specially designed for small businesses with potential for growth and SMEs who require higher loans for working capital and business expansion.

BLESS Group Loan: BLESS Group Loan is designed for group of traders and artisans ranging from 5 to 20 coming together as a group to access loan for all members of the group based on the Group Loan lending methodology

Micro-Lease: Our Micro-Lease loan unit offer lease on business equipment, household equipment appliances and business assets like generators, vehicles and likes.

SME Loans: The Infinity Microfinance Bank “SME Loan” is a credit product designed specifically to support Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) operators in Nigeria. Irrespective of the sector your enterprise is operating, Infinity MFB is willing to support you with a credit facility to expand the enterprise with an affordable interest rate.

Micro Housing Loans: This loan is ideal for house renovation, house expansion as well as phased development of new existing residential properties.

DBN Loan: InfinityMFB in partnership with the Development Bank of Nigeria offers short & long-term loan to Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) within Lagos State. If you are interested in knowing the procedures, kindly send a mail to or or call 08159091609/ 08159091603 .

Agusto & Co. has assigned a “Bbb” rating to Infinity Microfinance Bank Limited in their recent assessment of the Bank. According to the Pan-African Credit Rating Agency, the rating is supported by a good funding and liquidity profile, adequate capitalization, an experienced Management Team and well-established credit risk management processes. While DataPro another Credit Rating Agency (CRA) has also in its latest report assigned “BBB” rating to Infinity MFB Limited with a Stable Outlook for the year 2021/2022.